Monday, June 28, 2010

Ride the Drive 2010

So its not all race and no play, in-fact I take great pride in helping volunteer whenever I can. This year I was again helping out the boys at Williamson Bikes. We handled whatever we could that came in, but some bikes could only be fixed with a bullet so we sent them to the shop for triage. Can't say how great it was to be able to pedal the silent streets along side some 20,000 other cyclists. The event is free which is fantastic considering events like this in Chicago are $45 per person. I have been to the Ride in Chicago and I can say that although it is longer the Madison event has a lot more to offer. Looks like the Bike Fed will be running another event in August and this time TREK is bringing in Lance to help set the pace.
Nice shades, day started dark then went to full sun.

105.5 Sound stage powered by bikes and sponsored by Willy Bikes.

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