Monday, June 28, 2010

Chequamegon 100

My buddy Scott Cole and I took off for what we knew would be a 100 mile adventure fest of sorts. We had no illusions that this was a race to the beer at the end and not a race to the podium. I figured that we would be lost in the forest in about an hour, but it took two. We were a bit surprised to find guys lost out there who thought they would be able to actually race this. I mean with q. sheets that read, turn left .4 miles turn right .6 miles, there is NO way you are going to be able to make it without getting lost. Sure enough we put in an extra 10 miles which equated to over and hour of riding and 30 min. of standing around determining where in the hell we were. All and all a great event that we would go back to. The best part for us was hearing that one of the race promoters got lost. Beer, friends, and a party at the Angry Minnow was all the podium we needed. Be sure to put this event on your schedule for next year.
I got powered up with a little help from my friends.
Some hammered we just sucked wheel and had fun. 150 riders started this epic event. Many did not make the end.

Where are we? Theme of the day.

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