Friday, April 30, 2010

Cohutta 100 Report

Jill and I on the top of Smokey Mt. National Park

The day after the race we went and hiked the Apalacian trail, how about that for recovery.
Cohutta 100 Mud facial, only a $150 and my skin has never looked better since.
Training race turns into podium finish.

Man it has been forever since I posted, but I guess its that time of year again to fire up the keyboard and tell the tales of pain and misery. So the first half of the race started off great, then the rain, wind and lightening set in for the last 50 miles. To race this course is to learn what climbing is, no matter what the elevation charts say, you never go down only up. I knew I had done some serious climbing when I could feel the temps drop as I went up and warm as I descended. I went to the race to use it as a good training day as it would be the first 100 miles had done for the year so I was pretty damn happy when I went to look at the results and they were calling my name as the 7th place single speed. My bike was not in so I was using a 26lb Single Speed for this event which only added to my delight in pulling out the top ten. The up side to using a heavy bike is that my power output is now through the roof. I went on a ride 4 days following the event and my power output went from riding around 200 to 250-300 watts. Hows that for power training. We'll it looks like my bike may not be in for the next one so I may be doing the entire series for CycleOps on a single speed, oh well its all fun all the time out there so no matter what I'm on I will be smiling like an idiot.

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