Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost there

Just a quick pic of myself 2min ago trying get the DC Team Blogspot updated, answer emails, and get ready for the race. I am in Little Rock Arkansas just an hour away from Hot springs. I am really happy to have all day Friday to chill out relax and get a little riding time in. It's 70 degrees today and the race is looking even warmer, a far cry from the snow I left in Wisconsin.
Another glamorous room on the racing road, but after 700 miles it's heaven.

Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas it just keeps getting greener with every mile, unfortunately the bugs keep getting bigger causing great splats on the front of my toaster shaped Element.


GT Dirt Coalition Joe Burtoni said...

Good luck this weekend...and thanks for keeping the "Dirt Family" posted. Very exciting!

Bill said...

Good lick Lee ... enjoy the weather. Wishing I was there ...o/o