Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spa City Recap,

This recap is all over the place, but cut me some slack I'm dazed and confused. The end result was a 7 lap 70 mile 7th place finish, not as good as I had hoped for, but ok for the first ride out side since October. My first 2 laps were rocking and I could see the leaders just a few seconds ahead, but laps 3-4 my legs just shut down. I started to cramp and I never cramp, so I started to get concerned that I was going to fold like a bad hand. I managed to get it together for laps 5,6,7 . Going into the last lap I had 58 minutes to make it in and I was running at about that exact time so I just put the hammer down until I thought I was going to blow a heart valve and made it in with 2 minutes to spare. So I'm happy with my ride I wished for better, but that was more a wish. The reality is that I have put in a max of 7 hours a week on the trainer with the rest of my training being weight training, skiing and running. We won't even start racing until lat may in the Midwest so I have to give myself a reality check and be happy. Great race great people, be sure to put this on your calender.
A little drama the day before on my preride. I discovered the sidewalls on the tires I was running were way to thin for the sharp rocks in Arkansas. A rider that happened along had just the ticket for getting me back in, we booted with his expired Deer Tag, he then met me in the parking lot and had me follow him to the local bike shop so I could get new tires. I have his name and am going to send him some shwag for good karma.

To fast for a picture, no my folks are learning how to use there new camara.
Getting home base in the woods.
Usual suspects at the line.

I arrived on friday at the same time as John, Rebecca, Ernesto, kinda freaky all of us pulling in at the exact same time.

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Bill said...

Nice job Lee. With some more training than 7 hours a week on the trainer the cramps will go away. I had the same problem last year. I started out training light for cross country and ended up focusing on ultra endurance. the results, some fierce cramping later on in races.

It is not healthy to envy others but i envy you for getting in a endurance race this time of year. Those trails look sweet. Man, my mouth is watering.