Wednesday, March 4, 2009

GT Christmas

Yesterday was crazy busy getting ready to go, but it was a little bit of Christmas come early as well. After arriving at GT to pick up shwag for dealers and racers I had a couple big boxes sitting under the tree. They had a Peace 9r all read for me, now I just gotta get it together with a lot more carbon go fast goodies.
My back up bike is going to be my GTR Type CX, I understand the course is smooth and fast so I'm not afraid to take it as my back up bike.
My Marathon for the marathon, its great to be back on a lightweight FS bike again.
A couple dozen shirts and hats for one of the dealers in Little Rock and some for folks that stop by the booth and say howdy.

Just find me at any race and I should have something for you, if you are on a GT Bike then I definitely have something for you.
This is another little gift from GT, a custom Oakley pack, this thing hauls everything I own, laptop, bottles, clothes.


ron k. said...

Thats not Christmas, thats winning the lottery!

EXPO Racing said...

Nice score! You are sure to do GT proud this year. Can't wait to see you around.

Bill said...

Nice, now if we could just get you out to the Butte 100!