Friday, February 20, 2009

Spa City

If you are coming to this race drop me a line or just look for the GT Honda Element or GT tent, I should hopefully have some shwag by then. I am making some calls to area dealers so with some luck I will have a couple local shops there representing for us as well.

First up for me in 09 Spa City Extreme the 3rd stop on the NORBA XCM race calender. It again looks like I will be skiing up until the day I leave so that should make for some interesting times. I actually wish it was a 12 hour event over 6 just to bring the intensity down a bit. I have the fitness for both, but 6 hour events are still way more intense than the 12s. I much prefer to dig in and spread out the suffering. To add to the drama my bikes from GT will not be in until mid-March, but Dave, the Manager at Williamson Bikes, has been gracious enough to loan me his GT Marathon for the event, so a huge thanks to him and the crew at Willy Bikes. No time on my own bike, no outside ride time, and a possible 50-70 jump in temps should all be epic factors to overcome, but hey, it's theses things that make this sport great.


ron k. said...

Sounds like a great early season training race. Good Luck.

Bill said...

If I lived in the area I would totally be there ... good luck ...o/o