Wednesday, February 18, 2009

9r Correction

GT does in-fact have a couple 9r bikes the Marathon 9r and the Peace 9r which can be run geared or single. What I am waiting for and referring to by available 9rs are full XTR or XT carbon 9r Zaskars and Marathons. A carbon 9r single would also be a gem. I have the peace 9r frame coming next week and will give you a report after I get it built up with some carbon of my own. Sorry I should have clarified my snobbery.


ron k. said...

Carbon 9er Zaskar would be awesome! Cant wait for that to come out.

Christopher said...

Yeah, that will be sweet. At least they do have an aluminum version of the Zaskar 9r available with XT. Hopefully the carbon one looks as sweet.

Bill said...

I totally agree a full carbon 9er Zaskar would be the bomb!