Monday, October 6, 2008


I wanted to keep this open and out of the dark so here it is, I have filed a official protest with WEMS as to the 2008 Single Speed Overall Results. I do not feel this is a technicality in any way rather a major over site on the part of WEMS scoring. I competed in 5 races earning a total of 969 points, but was awarded 2nd overall because 10 Bonus Points were awarded to another rider for a race that was never raced, rather used to earn Pay Dirt Points. Without these additional Bonus Points this riders score would be 964. The following is the official protest including the outline of the WEMS Guidelines.


It has been a great year and another great series; however I am unfortunately sending WEMS this as an official protest to the scoring of the 2008 Single Speed results.

WEMS has awarded EXPO racing an additional 10 points for competing in 5 not the required 6 races needed to earn bonus points. EXPO racing competed in 5 events and Volunteered at 1, but was given 10 extra points on top of a race attended as a volunteer to earn pay dirt points.

My position per your guideline is that bonus points can be earned for competing in more than 5 events and that pay dirt points can be awarded for volunteering at a race, but bonus points can’t be awarded on top of a race that is used for the purpose of earning pay-dirt points.

WEMS Rules State:

To be eligible for an overall series award a team/solo rider must compete in a minimum of 4 events. The best 5 results will be used for tabulation of the final overall points. Bonus points of 10 will be awarded to a team/solo rider that competes in more than 5 events.

I will be posting this protest on my site and will be notifying EXPO Racing of my protest and position so that all matters regarding this oversight are public.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Lee Unwin

Van Dessel Cycles


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

You are totally in the right, I'm pulling for ya 'cause you earned it, you even have an overall solo win @ crystal ridge, as I recall, at the race Expo Racing Volunteered @.

Ben Welnak said...

Protest, really?? Can't you just send an email to and then talk with someone to clear it up?

Come on, it appears you are correct, so why put up such a big deal and complain about it... seriously??

Mark McCrimmon said...

Your point is heard. Hopefully you and Al can work things out. I agree that that the complaint to the public isn't ideal as we all enjoy the WEMS series and want to see it continue to grow. Hopefully next year will be even more SS and Team competitors! You also missed a fun one at John Muir.

Unknown said...

Lee, I raced 12 hour solo with gears and found myself edged out of 3rd place due to "volunteer points". I to sent a letter to WEMS as this seems an unfair way to score points. They were very receptive and are looking to correct the scoring situation.