Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why post.

Ah, I figured I would be damned if I did and damned if I didn't. I typically don't get into responding to my replies, but figured I might get a few on this matter, so I wanted to be clear about my decision to post publicly. First, I am all about supporting WEMS as well as all the race directors who put in countless hours. The reason I posted and sent a notification to EXPO is because I wanted it to be clear that there were no behind the scenes lobbying going on. The worst thing I could have imagined would be to email WEMS, have it agree with me and then change the results causing a lot of confusion and hard feelings all around. WEMS has returned my email and will be announcing results as well as changes for 2009. I have assured them that neither I nor my sponsors will be going back and forth over this issue after they have made their decision. I simply wanted to put up the facts as I understood them and let them decide. I know some people will still disagree with my decision to post, but I think all of us who race in these crazy things are part of a family and when there is a disagreement it should be brought to the table so it can be discussed. This is a good opportunity to make the series better, if you think I'm wrong and the series is good the way it is, then now is the time to let them know that. I'm fine being wrong, remember I'm married so I have experience in the matter. Let me also be clear that I have been referring to the other party as EXPO because names make things personal and this is definitely not. This is a disagreement with the scoring and not EXPO Racing. I love those guys and when this is over I will be buying them beer either way.

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