Friday, October 3, 2008

Done for 08 Marathons

Unless I have missed calculated I think I should have enough points to win the State SS despite the outcome of this weekends events. I'm going to spend this, the first weekend in 7 weeks at home getting caught up and enjoying the final farmers market on the square. It has been a really tough season for me, racing hasn't been so hard rather the mix of work, home, and play has been more taxing this year than past years. I think I have the work and home projects pretty dialed down for 09. I really hope this is the case so I can spend a lot more time training and getting focused on racing, something I didn't feel I was able to do this year. I never felt bad this year, but I just never felt like I was at my best either. With most of my big projects done I feel like I should be able to put down a better year. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend I will see you again when the grass turns green.

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