Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Van Dessel Team Caddy

What you are looking at is the new Van Dessel Team Car. Edwin Bull, owner of Van Dessel Cycles flew into my great state early one morning picked up this car and drove it all the way back to New Jersey, all in a single day. The car is now being retro-fitted to haul 4 guys, trailer, and gear to interbike where it will serve as the base of operations for Van Dessel. I told Edwin that this has all the makings of a great movie. Look for this thing to appear in Mountain Bike Action's photo gallery of crazy things seen at the show. Maybe living in New Jersey makes you need a Mobster car, maybe there is more about the owner of Van Dessel I should know about or maybe I should just shut before I end up in the trunk like hoffa, hey maybe thats where he is.

1 comment:

sasquatch2 said...

that's one badass caddy! wish they could convert it to biodeisel cuz those sukkas get about 10MPG! My uncle had a black one maybe a few years older (a little more rounded) as his daily driver back in the day.