Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blufflands Epic Enduro

The quick and the short of it, a beautiful day with great people made for a perfect day of riding. I manage to not break anything on my bike or myself this time which proved to be a winning combination. At the start I got to myself into second overall and just stuck there all day. I really, really wanted to take the overall on my single this year, but I fell short by 10 minutes. At around 1pm I had lapped everyone in my class and was trying desperately to conserve my energy so I would have something for the remaining 2 weeks, but it was virtually impossible because we coasted or rather got the snot beat out of us descending then climbed back up just to do it again. Some of the best single track anywhere, but virtually no flat or rolling section that would allow me to shut down the burners and chill, so I decided I should just keep pushing to see if I could catch the first place spot. I kept getting reports of how far the leader was, but try as I may I just couldn't bridge the 10 min. gap. In the end I put down 12 laps for 92 miles finished 1st in the SS and 2nd overall. Got the bike and gear cleaned and ready to go for next weekend already and have started my full rehab process. Now I just gotta get my brain ready to do it again. Oh yeah I forgot, the gear of choice for me was a 34X22. I did this race last year on a 32X22, but the 34 feels better, 36 on my 1 x 9 maybe next year a 36 on the SS or maybe I will just leave that to the Lalonde Brothers.


Scott Cole said...

Nice race! Way to rock & roll on the SS. Scott

Jlundo said...

way to go buddy. See ya in Green Bay?