Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Pain No Rain

Doin my anti rain dance today, but it may be for not as the local weather guessers have put their money on rain for Saturday. 12 Hours of Crystal Ridge is the first 12 Hour race I ever did so it has a special place in my story. Jill and I went their about 5 years ago and after 6 hours of riding around I decided that it was boring as hell, as a side note the course was shorter then, regardless I packed my bike in my car and said "never again". A few months later I became very upset that I couldn't mentally get through it and I was equally mad that I had quit, so I decided to do a 24 hour race, try to go top 3 and qualify for worlds. I did all those things because I had quit Crystal Ridge. I have raced their several times since then and it is now one of my favorite courses. It has a true mix of everything, climbs, wide open fast sections, tight technical single track, mud, rock, on and on. I'm hitting it on the single which has proved to be a bit of a conundrum for gearing. The mix is really making me think hard about what to run. I guess I will see if I picked correctly tomorrow, now the rain just needs to hold off for us. See you all there.

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