Monday, August 25, 2008

12 Hours Of Metro Challenge

1st Single Speed 1st Overall. Good day at the 12 Hour Metro Challenge. Got the hole shot at the lead and didn't let go all day. Put down 115 miles with some nice climbs thrown in, no mechanical, no injuries, no rain. Good day in-deed.
The last look at the ski hill before I climbed in and drove back to Madison. Getting darker earlier, gotta start running lights at the next one.
Looks like a gravel road until you realize that its about 8-10%. Only had to climb this section 22 times.
Some of the sections were a little rough, there was a bottle and cage here at the start of the race.

Thanks Al and all the members at Metro another great race. Thanks for jumping in and keeping me honest all day.


Scott Cole said...

Great race!

Jlundo said...

Green Bay this weekend?

EXPO Racing said...

You scare me. Great race!

Chris said...

That was weird to see the bottle AND the cage on the hill back there. What happened?