Friday, October 12, 2007

Cyclocross Weekend

Well fall is finally here and that means cross season, I just put the carbon fork on my Van Dessel Jersey Devil, tossed a set of Maxxis Raze on it and I am ready to rock. The bike is crazy light and the only down fall to it is that it now looks like some kind of Hybrid/Fitness Bike. It's a double race weekend here in Madison with the first race on Saturday and the second on Sunday. I am looking forward to getting to do two races only minutes from my house, so close in fact I will be riding to the race on Sunday. We have been crazy busy at work which is great because it affords me the ability to race, but doesn't allow much time to post. I will definitely have pics of the 29er cross bike up by Monday. Again, if you are racing this weekend, have fun and keep the rubber side down. For more midwest racing info.

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