Monday, October 8, 2007

Great Weekend

Wow, what a great hot weekend for riding. It seems that summer is going to hang on for just a couple more days. Got out for a nice 2.5 hour solo hammer fest on Saturday. I rode about an hour and a half into a 15mph head wind then brought a total hill route back home. I took the road bike and I'm damn glad I did or I might still be out there. Sunday got out roller skiing for and hour in the morning then a nice 1.5 hour mtb ride before dinner, ahhh what a life. I spent the better part of last night converting my Jersey Devil HT into a cross bike, I am pulling the carbon fork off the Ramble Tamble Single Speed and putting it on the JD that along with some Maxxis Raze tires and I should be ready for the double header cross race this comming weekend. I will post some pics as soon as the sled has been fully converted. A Van Dessel Cyclocross bike is in the works but not until 2008 for me I am afraid.

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