Monday, October 15, 2007

Double Crossed

I didn't know if I would be up for cross so I didn't bother to get a Gin and Trombones from Van Dessel, but the cross bug has bitten me nicely. Next up a new Cyclocross bike from my guys in New Jersey. This is the Jersey Devil HT with a White Brothers Magic 29 carbon front fork. I put the Maxxis Raze cyclocross tires on it and they seem to be just about perfect for the fast pack as well as the mud. The bike works great, but Ik now I can race better with a true cross bike. Sunday was great we took off fast and slammed into the mud with full fury, I really liked having discs even though they were a little heavier as they really allowed me to brake at the last second with full force. I finished 9th in pro 1,2 and had it pegged the entire time so I didn't feel to bad not getting into the money.
This is Saturdays Race at Camrock Park, FAST, FAST, FAST. Most of the time I saw my Planet computer reading 20mph. At the end of the 55min hammer fest my AVG speed was 15mph. I rode so hard I thought I was going to puke but kept it in check. On the last lap I flatted and ran it in to finish 13th in the Pro 1,2. This was the 2nd cyclocross race of my career so I know I have a few things to learn, but I'm getting there.
I think Im lovin this sport, ride and run as fast as you can for an hour and then your done, its like the best of Crit racing and mountain bike racing all rolled into one.
This looks flat, but believe me it was a tough little motherof a run up.
Already showing signs of pain and suffering and we had only gone half a kilometer.
Who the hell put these things in the way, I did consider the bunny hop, but there are way to many people around if it goes wrong.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Those barriers look gi-normous!