Monday, August 30, 2010

The impossible ?

Its been awhile since I posted anything, but after this weekend I had to let loose. Everyone said it was going to be impossible to do the 75 miles and 7000ft climbing course on a cross bike, but since I don't have a mountain bike and I refuse to hear that anything is impossible I was forced to go all in. At the gun I went off the front and held it for through town and the first few miles of the race. It was great to be off the front and hear the cheers from the crowds that had come to watch the craziness that had taken over their little burg. After a few miles I was joined by 6 others we took turns pulling through varied terrain all the while averaging 19mph, then we hit the last 20 miles and that was it, no suspension, no disc brakes, just the will to say "yeah I can do what they said couldn't be done. I kept it together even though I was hitting the rims and burning up my pads. Had one flat and change it out like a F1 team with only 3 miles left to the line. I finally reached the peak and was delighted to find that I had finished 13th of 300. Today found out that only 1/2 of the field finished the race so I am even a little more pleased to have done what folks told me I couldn't. Wait till the mtb comes in.

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