Friday, June 5, 2009

Black Hawk TT

It's that time again, Black Hawk Time Trials, every Wednesday. Pre-ride starts at 6pm. Riders are sent out at 30 sec. intervals for 2 laps of gut wrenching intensity. Just be aware that this is a park for mountain biking and xc skiing so you will need to join before you race.

Just because I can't race doesn't relieve me of my job. I packed up the Sprinter with demo bikes and brought them out for folks to thrash around on. I even turned wrenches for a couple riders before the race, god help them the duck tape held and they managed to finish without a problem.

Pictured, GT Marathon 9r, GT Marathon, GT Peace 9r, GTR Type CX. If you are in the Madison area and want to test ride one of these just drop me a line and I will make it happen for you or your team.

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Scott Cole said...

How's the knee healing? The next 100 miler wouldn't be the same without your jar of Mexican espresso coffee that's badly needed to charge up the weak hotel brew. Email me your cell number please.