Monday, February 9, 2009


Capping off another 15-20 hour week of punishment. Saturday started with a 3 hour skate & classic ski. Followed up with a hour run. It was amazing to be skiing and running in just a t-shirt. I am really proud of the head start I have on my biker tan. Sunday I went back out to ski, but the trails never softened up enough to go so I had to settle for a hour ride, hour run and an hour of lifting. Monday has become my recovery day which works especially well considering tonight I am bottling a Belgium beer with friends from Saris, ahhh yes, Belgium style recovery.

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Bill said...

I can relate except my big skate ski was a week ago (OSCR 50K). I can relate this week to great luck in weather. I just got back from Pipestone MT where I led a group of rugged souls on 7 hours of riding in dirt and sunshine with great amounts of mud thrown in. Weird when you say, "I am going to Butte (pipestone) Montana to go riding". I say, hail to the good days and bike tan maintenance ...o/o