Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ghost Bike?

A friend at Saris sent me this picture of the paint job one of their vendors did on their road bike. By day it looks like a normal bike, but at night it turns into the GHOST BIKE. This got me really jazzed to paint my Single 29er. I think that would be the perfect bike for the 12 Hours of Pitch Black this summer.

Maybe this bike would look good glowing in the dark.


Katie said...

Who's glow in the dark bike is that?? That's pretty slcik!

L5 Racing said...

See Aaron he has the skinny on the Ghost bike, but everyone that sees it starts thinking about that extra frame they got sitting around. I'm seriously considering it for the single. Perfect commuter color.

L5 Racing said...

Oh yeah I forgot, damn tri-geeks stay off my site. See you later