Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hurry Up!

Just got the report that we have received just under 100 applications for the GT Dirt Coalition s0 don't delay registration ends February 5th. Click on the Apply Now Banner, what are you waiting for the economy to get better. If you have questions you can also email:
Decisions will be finalized March 5th, all applicants will be notified as to their status with the team.


ron k. said...

Lee, I will be racing 10-11 WORS events, a few WEMS and I hope to race Cheq fat. I will also be racing a few smaller events and full cross season. I'm not on a team as of yet. Did you race the TT's at Blackhwawk? I think we have met before. Take care.

Bill said...

Hi Lee, you seem to have the inside scoop as I was just online googling "GT Dirt Coalition" to get some info on it. I have received about thirty emails from friends, family, and teammates to check it out.

Do you know when decisions will be made on who made the team and if we we will get notified one way or the other?

Good luck in 2009, it is right around the switchie ...o/o

L5 Racing said...

Hit the Apply Banner and it will take you to the correct link now, you can also email with further questions. Deadline is Feb. 5th and I think the decision will be made within a week. I will find out about notification either way in a couple of minutes and post it here as well as on the GT, GT Dirt Coalition thread in MTBR