Thursday, January 22, 2009

GT Dirt Coalition

I am very happy to announce that today GT Bicycles is opening the search for the 30 most talented and out-going riders in the USA. You don't need to be the fastest in the field, just a great ambassador. Some of the basic requirements are: you must compete in at least 6 events per year, be a members of IMBA or actively involved in the cycling community, be able to communicate the brand effectively, and lastly know how to have fun. I know many of you are sponsored so be sure to pass this along to anyone that you think might be a good candidate. Got questions, ask me and I will shoot them up to GT personally.
Team riders will receive a GT Zaskar (above) or a GT Marathon (below). Yes, a complete bike!
Both the Zaskar and Marathon are Carbon. The Marathon is my fix for 09.
Team riders will receive enough kits and clothing to get them through the toughest and dirtiest of seasons.

This isn't the only thing to keep rain off your new bike, Dirt Coalition riders will also be receiving a full EZ-UP Tent to keep them shaded and dry before each race.
Good luck to all of you that apply.


ron k. said...

Lee, Great site! I found your site through Scott Cole's blog. I sent in my application for the Coalition. I'm hoping to represent! See you on the trail.

EXPO Racing said...

such a sweet sweet deal.

mike gore said...

yo Lee,
when will the roster be announced? sent in my resume, haven't heard anything.