Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Viking Cross

Well I don't know how the vikings did it, but I came away bloody so I guess that's pretty close to how they would have done it. I got the holeshot and led the first half of the opening lap, as we neared the back and windiest section I decided to let 2 go and grab there wheel for a little pull. On the 3rd or 4th lap I took a real slow speed fall on the asphalt, which left me rattled enough that I just stood up and looked at my bike for about 30 seconds. J.P. Erikson yelled at me to get the hell back in it, so I did and as a reward for his encouragement I tried to catch him for the remainder of the race. He kept his 10 seconds on me for the last 20 min and in the end finished 5th and me 6th. Regardless it was nice to stay in it and make a run at some cash. Taking this next weekend off partly to get some more remodeling projects done, but mostly to let the goose egg that is planted in my left hip heal.

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