Friday, November 21, 2008

Done Racing 08

So with free time we are getting into the brewing business in a big way. Making 10 gallons of Scotch Ale and 10 Gallons of Porter. Ahhh recoverite never tasted so good.
Secret race formula in there.

Well it finally happened, all the drive to race has left me. I am taking a cross bike with me to Iowa this weekend and if by some miracle I wake up and decide to race, well I will have all my gear with me, but looking ahead I realize I might be in for some early season racing in the deep South, so I really just want to be done and start building for next year. All of this is a guise really, as what I really want to do is get ready for the ski season. Typically by this time I have been on my roller skis about a 100 times, but with cross I have been on them twice. So there it is, done.

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