Monday, October 27, 2008

Spooktacular Cross

Quick update on the Washington Park race. At the gun I got jammed up in the first corner and got led on a single file parade lap until I was able to break it lose and start chasing down guys. I normally have great starts, but am struggling to get the hole shots so far this year. I was again reminded that cross is not a sport of work your way up, you damn well better be up or the train is leaving you behind. This couldn't have been more apparent at this race where 30 mile per hour winds put you in a world of hurt if you weren't with a group. Anyhow I felt much better yesterday and managed to work back up to 10th by the final lap, but while trying to overtake a vampire and catch 9th I got caught up in tape that was blowing 10ft into the course. I had to stop re-adjust my rear losing another spot, however I was thankful I didn't drop back further. In the end I was 11th of 36, my placing wasn't much better than last week, but I felt about a thousand times better. I'm having a great time suffering and can't wait to hit the double this coming weekend. Pictured above is Dan the PBR man in his post race kit, to learn more about him and his antics visit him at his own snotty site. Dan is actually my contact person at Planet Bike. At the moment he is my go to guy for all my accessory needs.
I think all barriers should be covered in blood. Can't tell it here but that's about 15% grade of pain.
Warrior princess with farm girl chasing.
Top of the run led into dead mans forest.
School girl outfit, always a crowd favorite. I only have 37 more pictures of this rider.
Our very own Mrs. Madcross. This is Renee as a runaway bride. Her husband Dave was also racing in formal wear.
The jump of death. Better bunny hop it or get toasted.
Riders showing great leaping ability.
My buddy Scott Cole checking to see if he was in fact that fast or he is checking to see if he needs to get home to do Sunday yard work.
So cross is awesome and I gotta give another shout out to my folks at GT for making this possible the GTR Type CX has just made riding cross super fun. The bike is light and responsive and makes me feel even more confident than I probably should be. Hopefully seeing all the fun will inspire you to cross it up. Just go and don't worry about how you do, in fact, the less you concern yourself with that the more fun you will have and that's what cross as well as all racing should be about.

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