Monday, October 20, 2008

Badger Cross Recap

The start, so far everything good here. Below, first lap, Oh my god this hurts. Mommy please make the bad man go away.
Of course my new sponsor,GT, hosted this event. They happily pointed out each lap that I was not winning to which I replied "thank you I know this." Other comments, " Lee stop smiling and ride faster." This kind of coaching is really invaluable.
Still riding, still hurts a LOT. I just need another 11 hours or so to get into this.
The finish, think I will puke now. So as I suspected my new GT CX bike was way faster than I was, it handled great out of the box, unfortunately like a child driving a sports car I couldn't find 5th gear. I kinda suspected I would have a tough time at this one, as the last time I rode at this intensity was never. My body has been to the pain zone now so I think the rest of the season will be a little better. What I love about this day is that it was just like all the other races this year, get done and get to work. Immediately after this picture I loaded up and headed up north to help my mother in law trim trees and bushes. If biking riding and landscaping back to back were a sport I would be world champion.

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