Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Joe Dirt

I haven't had much time to blog let alone even think about blogging, I am heavily involved in a Norwegian workout plan that involves me moving 5 ton of dirt and rock around my yard in hopes of creating a synergistic landscape of both form and function. In between the earth moving I get on my bike and blast on the climbing routes for 3 hours. The Norwegian workout has made me tired, but strong like bull. My last ride was 3 hours with an average speed of 19 and 205 watts so all the punishment seems to be paying off. Unless my back breaks like a twig in the next couple days I am planning on racing at the Levi Trow 100. A great 13 mile loop with a little bit of everything. I won this race 2 years ago geared so this year I'm going single to see how I fair. I am hope full that I will get to race at least once without mud. Next post after.

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