Monday, April 28, 2008

Count on Family

So my bareknuckle friends bailed on me at the last minute for failing to find race days, times, and subs to work, so I got on the phone and asked my very first pit crew if they wanted to ride along, hang out in Nashville for a couple days and watch a race and they of course said they couldn't wait. I am of course speaking of my parents who have always been there for me and continue to get excited about watching the spectacle that is mountain bike racing. I am of course reminded of Tinker who brought his mom as his pit crew to at least 2 of the World Championships. This actually works out great cause now I get to go do some other things besides just drive and race. We are going to hang out in Nashville catch some music and get the feel of the south, we also have plans to visit my old buddy Jack Daniels, but I think I will be spending time at his house after the race. Busy day today and tomorrow so the next update will be post race. See you there or at the next one and remember get your shit wired tight for the race, ditch your 10 man pit crew and invite you mom to the race.

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