Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gotta drop 5

2fer today, great hour and a half of ski skating followed by a nice hour of trainer. Much to my ski friends dismay I still like to get on the trainer to help rehab my knees from a hard ski. The riding is easy because the skiing is killer hard, all up then down and repeat until you have nothing but bloody stumps for legs. Really trying to put down some hard efforts and control my lust for the vino and single malt scotch. I am trying to get my weight down from 165 to 160, but damn those are 5lbs that are hard to shed. Yeah, I know that's not much, but I have the metabolism of a alligator. I can eat a meal and be good for days on end, that's great for long racing, but really hard when you are trying to knock off a few. Just gotta cut down on the wine and I think I will drop it pretty easy. I sound like some kind of alcoholic, but if you are pictures when we race around the country you will always see that we end up at vineyard at some point. Anyway I think going public with my extra blubber may help motivate me to get myself shrink wrapped down to a good fighting weight.

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