Monday, January 21, 2008

Basement weather

With a high of -2 this weekend, I felt that it was a good weekend to spend pounding on the trainer and lifting. Great 62 degree temps with high winds out of the NW in my basement made for a very enjoyable yet challenging ride. 5 min high cadence spin at around 100 watts followed by 5 min at 300 watts plus, both seated and standing. After I finished that fun it was on to another hour of lifting for both legs and upper body, can't forget swimsuit season is just around the corner so gotta keep those upper guns looking good as well. With temps this cold its just not fun to ski, so I am patiently waiting for the cold to break so I can get back out there and enjoy all the new snow that is falling, however it looks like it will be at least Friday before that becomes a reality, oh well, the weather report from my basement is calling for 60-68 with a heavy tail wind today.

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Scott Cole said...

You're making me tired just reading about your basement workouts. I'm hoping this cold spell disappears soon also so I can get outside on a regular basis to ski or bike. I can't seem to find a tailwind in my basement when spinning madly uphill all the time.