Thursday, October 4, 2007

Van Dessel Does Interbike

Well I just got off the computer with Edwin at Van Dessel and it sounds like things went really well. The best story is them having to wedge some of the top big wigs from Velo News into the back of a van after the cross race. From the looks of the pics it didn't look like anyone could stand, either the race was that hard or they had pounded to many beers. I was really pissed I couldn't make it out there this year, Planet Bike asked if I could go help them out at the booth but coming in from Greece just 2 days before was to much, but I am making it a priority next year. Lets see other junk, went to the Block House Roll in Platville, Wisconsin, I didn't race just took my bike and handed out some stickers. I will try to get some pics as it is one of the best courses in the Midwest.

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