Friday, September 28, 2007

Greece Revisited

So I will try to bore you with vacation pics, no just a few here of Greece. We spent a couple days in Athens then on to the islands. Greece was easy, really easy. We learned enough of the language to get around only to find that everyone speaks fluent English. This was not the case in Italy and France, so we were both happy and a little disappointed to find it so simple. The island of Santorini pictured above.
Beautiful little church in Sifinos.
Can't have to many beautiful sunsets and the sunsets on Santorini are know the world over. I left out the hundreds of people who had gathered to watch it plunk into the sea.
The Agora, don't ask me to many history questions. I started reading up on Greek history the problem is that is goes back over 3000 years, that's a lot of reading.

Ahhh yes, we of course found a vinyard perched on top of the world. The best wine tasting spot we have ever been to.

I know I look dumb founded, but I always look this way, its just magnified when I get next to something like this.

Jill on the island of Naxos.
The Caldera of Santorini pictured above, it was created when it erupted blowing the whole area to bits.

I didn't pack my bike and was suffering from withdrawal so I grabbed this and did the best I could.