Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wright Stuff Century

Alright I decided not to do 1 more marathon as I didn't have the desire to spend 6 hours of a beautiful Saturday afternoon driving to a race, sooo instead I hooked up with some friends to ride the Wright Stuff Century here in Madison. The ride is a beautiful tour through the roads surrounding Taliesin, Frank Loyd Wrights home and school. Its like riding the roads of France or Switzerland down here.

These are just some of the Crono boys that helped set a wonderful pace, 95 miles in 4:45 and that's with a Lot of climbing.
Great to ride in the draft again.
First sag was like Nirvana of the buffet table. I wanted to pull up a chair, but just had some fruit and was off again.
CSC leading the charge to catch the break.

Holly crap we did bike to Switzerland, ok its the start finish area where we had a great post ride dinner waiting for us. Great event with around 700 cyclists. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the season.


Chris said...

Hey, glad you had fun, you were missed out at Stump Farm!

Grizzly Adam said...

Hows that Hellafaster treating you Lee?