Friday, August 31, 2007

Stump 6 Hour

Looks like I will be up at the Stump, but for only 6 hours. I just don't feel like blowing a Friday driving and a Saturday, so I will be bringing all my demo stuff for folks to check out. Went out on the "Gun Show Ride" yesterday. The GSR is a Thursday Noon hour ride that is made up of guys from Pacific Cycles and Saris, it heads south of town with a nice 20 min. neutral roll out to Verona, from there it is anyone's game and the game is to win 3 of the predetermined sprints. I wanted to sit in and see where they were as I hadn't gone before. I sat in on the first one because I had no clue, but I knew exactly where the second one was so I attacked the 2 guys off the front and just kept pushing to take it. The last one is a 3 mile flat section that I also knew of, but foolishly I let myself get cycled to the front then tried to attack from there, dumb because we where in a huge headwind and the pack was already moving 25mph so trying to get of the front was next to impossible. It was as a good time and good intensity so I will definitely be back at the GSR next week. The women's GSR leaves on wed. so maybe I will go on that one to.

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