Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Season Closing Up

Jill and I riding on the trail that takes us to our office. Its great to get out and ride with her again now that the season is coming to an end. We have been really enjoying the high heat and humidity around here.
If you are to fast for your wife or girlfriend I suggest going single speed its a great way to keep things even.

Well I have maybe one more marathon event before that's all she wrote. I am starting to shorten up the rides and add some intensity to get prepared for the cross season. I have been running all summer, but its time to put the intensity in their as well. My brain definitely got cracked at the 24-9 I have the physical ability, but my head is out of it. I think when you put all your hopes and goals into a race and then it goes bad it really crushes you mentally or at least it did me. I am just trying to ride with my wife, get some fun back in it and get ready for the next round.

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