Wednesday, August 8, 2007

No 100 of Levi Trow

Sorry folks, I will not be at the 100 Mile of Levi Trow this year. Last year I won the 12 hour event and I was looking forward to returning to this course especially in this new format, but family commitments are overruling the race. The silver lining is that the day is for casted to be 90 with 80% humidity, so you know like a jungle but hotter and more wet, considering I fold like pair of deuces in a high stakes poker match it's not all bad.

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EXPO Racing said...

Bummer you can't go and deffend.

I have never done the WEMS race there and I was wondering if you had any insight on the course??? Climbing? Fast? like 9 Mile? Blue Mounds?

Thanks much,