Friday, July 6, 2007

6 Hours of Blue Mounds

Well, after 2 years of saying never again for the 12 hours of Blue Mounds I am going to listen to myself, actually for 2 years I told my wife to remind me that I said never again. Last year I spent almost 3 weeks recovering then did the 24 Nationals. This year I decided to do the 6 hour race on the single as the HT is still awaiting new brakes. I thinks its a smarter move because I can spend less time recovering and more time prepping for 24 at Nine Mile/ NORBA Nationals. Blue Mounds is only about 20 min away so its great to have one in my back yard, yet it is still difficult to only race for 6 hours, I will take comfort in trying to win it on the single. I have word Jeff Kerkove may be coming up to do the 6 so that may complicate things dramatically.
If you are racing this weekend have fun and good luck.

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