Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2 Weeks Until Nationals

Spending the next couple weeks ramping up for 24 of Nine Mile Wausau WI. This will be the second year that Nine mile has hosted the 24 Hour NORBA National Championship. It is a fast course and that is the problem. You are on the bullet the entire time with no climbs or descents to break things up, I have ridden this course since I started racing this crazy distance and have never placed better than 4th, this was of course before it became the championship. Just keeping it easy with a couple tempo days per week. The hardest thing is keeping my brain in it until the start of the race, if I can do that I will be half way there.


Scott Cole said...

I'm the same as you with just trying to stay mentally sane for the next two weeks before this race. I'll pre-ride next week and finish getting my bikes and pit supplies ready. Good Luck!

Chris said...

The taper is always the hardest part -- body healed, mind going a million miles an hour ... Just let me ride!