Monday, June 4, 2007


I Lined up with around 50 Elite riders for the WORS marathon event this Sunday to take part in what became a death march mud fest. The first 30 min went well then the Sky's let go, then it stopped for 30min which was worse than if it had kept raining. The ground started to dry and it became a packing mud that pulled you down and only allowed the use of maybe 3 gears. I totally missed the mark by not racing the Single, but oh well. In short the race sucked, literally. I just couldn't get in a good rhythm and got relegated to survival mode for most of the race. The race forced me to get out into crap that I would otherwise never wish upon my worst enemy, so I did get a chance to put my equipment to the test. The winners finished in around 2:40 and I finished in 3:07 which was well off the pace, but the body count of DNFs was high so at least my equipment got me through to the end. Got a good work-out in and got to put some of my sponsors equipment to the ultimate test. Even though NORBA has defined marathon events that fit this race I don't think finishing times of 2:40 can be called a marathon event or maybe I'm just spoiled by the long ones, yup spoiled. Pics of bike and mud later.

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