Saturday, June 16, 2007

Van Dessel show me love!

After spending a considerable amount of time on the Jersey Devil FS I came to the conclusion that my riding style would probably be better suited to the HT. I made a phone call to Edwin at Van Dessel and presto a JDHT is headed my way. The FS is a great bike and I would recommend it to riders who want comfort, performance, and are big hitters on the down hills. I am pretty conservative on the downhills and I spend a lot of time standing on the pedals so the FS didn't become that necessary for me. I'm really excited to get a chance to test ride and race another Van Dessel bike. I spoke with Adam Lisonbee and he told me he loves this bike, I think he even said it was lighter than his SS which is mind blowing to me. OOOOhhhh rear carbon stays, this should be ultra comfortable and light.

Same cool ass green, you gotta see this bike in the sun.
Thanks to Edwin and everyone over at Van Dessel for the Formula 1 style quick change. I mean you gotta love not like a sponsor who takes care of you like this, now just imagine how they take care of their customers who actually buy bikes.


Grizzly Adam said...


I think you will like the HT. My JDHT is lighter than my RT because my SS wheels are BEEFY. I am going to convert them to tubeless though, so that should save a few grams.

Jeff Kerkove said...


Are you racing at Blue Mound 12 Hr?