Friday, May 4, 2007

Van Dessel on the Water?

Finally getting back on the bike today and it feels great. Just spinning for about 3 hours with a 30 min run, a little ride and run on Saturday and I should be back in it to win it. Sundays Adventure race starts with a 7 mile canoe, long portage, orientation, 30-40 miles of mountain biking and 5-7 miles of running. Start time is 6am and cutoff time is 6pm. The race starts right here in Madison so its great that I don't have to drive 12 hours to get there. It is going to be a early morning, but the day looks like it is free of rain with temps reaching a high of 78. My team is really experienced and very fit so I am really hopeful that we will go top 3, but with so many events and transitions anything can happen. Full report of the fun on Monday.

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