Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Van Dessel Ramble Tamble 29

Here is the Van Dessel Ramble Tamble 29 Single Speed that I will be riding at the 2007 Wisconsin Endurance Series. It has a eccentric bb, derailleur hanger and rohloff oe dropout. It weighs just 1750grams. This pic doesn't do it justice, but the next one show just how beautiful the metallic paint is. Even the Van Dessel web site and catalog doesn't show how great the paint is. You can not really appreciate the color until you have it out of the box and in the sun. Look at the welds, just like rolled dimes. This gives a little better idea of the color.

Look for more post of this bike as it comes to life. I will also be posting the FS bike they have me on for the 24 hour races. It is the Jersey Devil FS. 29" wheels and 4" of rear travel. That bike will roll over everything in a hurry.

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sasquatch2 said...

nice ride, is the SS built yet? How's it handle? I love the locally designed (if not locally manufactured!) 29ers they make but would love even more to test ride one!!!