Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tuesday Workout

No xc skiing today here in the Capitol city, woke up with hopes of getting 4 hours of total training time in. Here is the trainer workout that I performed to help increase Lactate Threshold.

Trainer Workout: Easy warm up then shift to the big ring up front, middle cog in the rear. Each min. shift down until your in the 11 or 12 in the rear. Recover 5 min then repeat for 1 hour. You can make this a strength exercise by trying to keep your HR at a Moderate level with a low cadence or LT workout by working up to 80-90% max. If you have a power tap try to get back to the same watt level each effort while staying within the desired HR percentages. As a side note, if you are using a power tap don't just ride. Quantify your info by having a plan for each workout. Perform your efforts in a manner that is long enough and specific enough to allow you to more easily interpert the data when you down load it.

Strength Workout Today for Legs: Again another workout for endurance athletes that I have found to be effective. 1 hour lower body. Legs single leg squats, leg extension, leg curls all 1 leg at a time. Pick a weight you can lift 8-12 times, as soon as you can't lift it, reduce the weight immedietly, lift to failure and repeat this process a total of 4x.

Night Run: 1 hour. Got to get ready to run that single speed.

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