Monday, April 11, 2011

Spa City Extreme USA Ultra Endurance Cycling #1

The day ended as well as the trip began, 5th overall and I couldn't have been happier. When I left Madison we had a foot of snow on the ground and I hadn't ridden outside since November of the previous year, so to make my first ride outside a pro tour event and go 5th.....delighted. Course is rough as a cobb and beat the ever lovin shit out of me. I normally can finish a 12 hour race, pack the truck and drive home, but at the end of this 6.5 hour event all I could do was lay on the ground until my support crew got me to the awards.
Head starting to hang low, this is my goal for 2011 head up even when I'm dying.
Huge thanks to my cousin and support crew Jay Herman, a multiple Ironman finisher he knew the suffering I was going through during the race and was able to keep me going all day. He was also the best chance I had of being able to get my dumb ass 12 hours back home. We managed to squeeze in a little tan time before the race

The day before was fun and easy, how quickly that changed when the gun went off.

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