Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why so Slow

I knew something wasn't right about 4 weeks after I got my stitches out. I was tired, depressed and worse of all slow as tar in January. I passed it off as all the down time from riding, but when things didn't turn around I decided to go get some blood drawn to find out what the hell was going on and of course that took another 8 weeks to get done. I finally got my test results back and turns out I was racing with Mono, a fucking miracle I was even on my bike let alone racing. The good news it turns out is that I can ride because it puts some folks down for up to a YEAR! I apparently came down with it sometime early June, the same time I was getting stitches out of my knee so I couldn't tell what the cause was. I should be OK for cross, but was cautioned that I may not be back to 100% for months. That's that, off to Spain now.

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Chris said...

Nothing like racing with a huge anchor off your back to keep you going. Rest up, now you have an excuse to sleep in and do no housework!