Monday, March 30, 2009


Lee's GT Demo Element? Info coming soon!

Marathon 9r
I recieved another bike from GT and managed to find some time to get it built up this weekend. This bike as well as a Carbon Zaskar that is on the way are for a very special purpose, but more to come on that.
Lastly, I spent my Saturday & Sunday working the Mega Sale at Williamson Bikes & Fitness. These guys have been great to me over the years and it was fun to be selling bikes and accessories again. The sale goes through April 5th so if you are in Madison you still have time to get some great deals.


Jlundo said...

Hey with all of these bikes you're getting can you snag one for me to? Just kidding hope to see you out at the otter

L5 Racing said...

I doubt the otter is going to be a go this year, but damn man just win the race and you get a shiny gold Zaskar decked out in full XTR.