Monday, November 3, 2008

Bad Fun Day

Tongue hanging out like a dog in the August afternoon. Thank god for the checkered flag.
At least the skin suit looks good.

So I decided to bag the race on Saturday as I just didn't feel like spending 6 hours driving this weekend for 2 hours of fun. Instead I went to farmers market and enjoyed the day of sun with Jill. Next year I think we will just spend the night in Milwaukee and make a weekend of it. The GTR CX was again better than me. I managed to hit a barrier on one lap knocking my rear wheel lose and while fixing it lost 3 spots, two laps later I hit a barrier on the run and went flipping ass over tea kettle losing another 2 spots. With a total loss of 30 seconds I managed to lose 5 spots, funny how much this is like F1 racing. I felt great which is to say I had the kind of legs and lungs that would allow me to ride all day, but my max was only 80% of my real max and I just couldn't get into it. I never mind losing as long as I get beat and not losing because I beat myself. I woke up at 2am still mad at my performance, so in about 30 min I'm back at the practice. Today I'm working on dismounts and bunny hopping barriers, so this should be good for twisted ankle. Stay tuned.

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