Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lesson Learned At Stump Farm

Sunset over Green Bay, at least this was a good memory. The quick and short of 12 Hours of Stump Farm. I rode 11 hours in the lead and at 7pm thought, then confirmed that my gap over 2nd was at least 30min only to discover that it was in fact less than 10. I learned this while my bike was loaded in my truck. No one to blame but myself, a lesson I have taughtothers and have learned myself. The race isn't over until the checkered flag waves. I did however congratulate Travis or Sticky Wicket for a huge effort and was there to cheer him in as he handed me crow on a silver platter. I checked my lap times and wow the previous 2 weeks had definitely taken a toll, I couldn't breath and my legs felt like lead all on the best day of the year. I'm off for a couple weeks then I'm back at it for 2 more. This time until the end.

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